Auto insurance basics – Insurance 101

Fools will rush upon railroad crossings where angels later tread. The smart grocery clerk tears up and down my quiet street and goes around corners on two wheels. I want him regulated. A drunken driver leaves dead and injured in his wake. He never should drive again. An exuberant student plays he is on his own campus in the streets of my city. Car insurance quotes comparison made easy – click here.

One-armed men and deaf men and men whose sight is affected have a right to drive an automobile in many places. People who ought to be in a sanitarium are put in automobiles instead.

Why? Because in too many places in the past, state legislatures haven’t had the nerve to enact a modern motor code, or haven’t had the requisite knowledge to write a law with teeth in it. For fear of offending constituents they dare not enact a strict driver’s license law and eliminate, through examination or forfeiture of license, the person who should not drive a car.

Instead they offer a solace of money as a recompense for death. What a double tragedy!

There is an appreciable public sentiment for some plan whereby victims of automobile traffic will find financially responsible those causing damage. The usual suggestion has been that carriage of liability insurance be made compulsory.

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