Car insurance policies – types of coverages explained

A car operated by a careful and moderate driver hits him. Result: One dead and another $6,500 claim.

I could continue such illustrations almost indefinitely. All of you can add to them from your own personal knowledge. What I am trying to impress on you by their use is the fact that under the Marx plan every motor car owner in Ohio will be compelled by the State to indemnity victims of such accidents. What equity can there be in such an arrangement? Is there any legal, moral or social justification for such an enforced contributionship? If there indeed be sound arguments in the affirmative I would like to hear them. Click here to view best quotes in your area.

Let us next look at the other side of the picture.

Andrew Black, carpenter, takes a day off to fix a leak in the roof of his modest home. He slips, falls to the ground and is killed. Is a state fund jack-pot contemplated to pay the heirs $6,500 in this worthy case? It is not.
Mrs. Henry Jones is a widow with two children to support. She takes in washing. While at work she is badly scalded and is compelled to spend many weeks in the hospital charity ward. Is a state-fund jack-pot contemplated to provide indemnity in this likewise worthy case? It is not.

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