How to handle insurance claims

With the proposed indemnity of $6,500 for a death and $4 per day, plus medical and hospital expenses, for those injured as a basis, let us see how the Marx plan would work out in actual practice. View best rates here.

John Smith compresses three boon companies into his coupe for a Sunday joy ride. After refreshments at a road house John contests for the right of way with a limited train. Result: Four dead and a $26,000 claim against the state fund “jack-pot.”

Our old friend, John Doe, now a prominent bootlegger, is conveying a valuable cargo from Toledo to Cincinnati. Pursued by hi-jackers he misses a turn and ends his career in a ditch. Result: One dead and a $6,500 claim against the state fund “jack-pot”.

Then there is Richard Roe, another old friend. This time he happens to be the rollicking son of a rich and indulgent papa. Returning from a party with his lady friend and driving one of those sporty roadsters he makes a futile effort to climb a telegraph pole. Result: Richard killed, his lady friend badly hurt, and the state pays the rich and indulgent father $6,500 and the young lady $4.00 a day for some weeks.

William Brown driving fifty miles an hour jumps the track at a curve. Result: One dead and a claim against the state “jack-pot” for $6,500.

Samuel Green is a pedestrian. He steps from between-cars parked in the middle of a block on a boulevard and without looking either way attempts to cross.

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