Ohio car insurance requirements

This much can be said of the Marx scheme, it is simple. Stripped of all garnishments, it provides:
First: That all automobile owners in Ohio as a prerequisite to obtaining a state license contribute a specified sum to a state insurance fund “jack-pot.” Visit this website to get free quotes.

Second: That every Ohio citizen injured in this state in an accident involving an Ohio owned car be paid a stipulated compensation out of this “jack-pot.”

Third: That the premium payment by the car owner relieves him of all civil liability for any accident in which he may be involved and the injured person must accept the state award in full settlement or go without.

That’s all there is to it. Nothing could be simpler. It is true some minor modifications have been added from time to time, but these are not material. Because of the criticism which has been hurled at the state insurance fund proposal, it is now suggested that perhaps private companies might be permitted to write this business. That I am sure is only a temporary concession by the author. His whole theory naturally revolves about the state fund idea. And in addition I am quite sure there are not many private liability companies which would want to underwrite business under this plan at any price.

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