Even with their splendid nation-wide organizations it is difficult for the stock casualty companies to check up accidents reported by the small percentage of car owners now insured by them. There are many Cases every day involving gross fraud on the part of claimants, collusion between claimants and the assured and the like. Visit this page to see best rates in your area.

The number of cases where members of a family seek indemnity when the insured head of the family is said to be responsible for the injuries complained of, is becoming quite alarming from an underwriting standpoint. The guest hazard also is growing. Any insurance adjustor can tell you how claims quickly mature and grow in size when it is discovered that the car owner carries insurance.

Companies writing workmen’s compensation insurance report not only a steady increase in accident frequency in many industries, but also an alarming increase in malingering. A minor scratch is often an excuse for a week’s lay off at the expense of the insurance company. And I might say in passing that there is no statistical foundation for Judge Marx’s assumption that the workmen’s compensation laws have decreased accidents.

One need not be possessed of a gifted imagination to picture the happy hunting ground which would be provided for claimants under the Marx wholesale indemnification plan.

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