Automobile accidents and insurance claims procedure

Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Willis and two children live on the fourth floor of a tenament apartment. The parents are burned to death in a fire caused by a cigarette carelessly thrown into a pile of rubbish carelessly accumulated in the basement. Is a state fund jack-pot contemplated to pay these children the $13,000 they would receive under the Marx plan if their parents had been hit by a train while on a joy ride? It is not. Interested to learn more about car insurance basics?

Gordon Cole slips on an icy sidewalk and breaks a leg. He is a day laborer and sole support of a large family. Is there any state fund jack-pot to pay Gordon $4 a day while his leg is mending? There is not.

These illustrations also might be continued indefinitely, and all of you also can add to them from your own personal knowledge. What I am this time trying to impress on you is the fact that automobile accidents do not cause all of the suffering and distress which go to make up the uncertainties of life. And I also am trying to make you see that the principle of compensation regardless of fault as to one particular kind of accidents or to all classes of accidents is so glaringly and startlingly inequitable that it should be rejected on the ground of public policy, if for no other reason.

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