Automobile accidents are widely scattered

Indeed, if the State is to enforce contributions from automobile owners for the relief of highway traffic victims I see no reason why the same paternalistic theory should not be applied in all accident cases. This might be accomplished through a general tax levy. In other words, the state might just as well underwrite both accident and health insurance for all of its citizens. Taxpayers might grumble, of course, but taxpayers always grumble and no one pays much attention to them nowadays. Look up auto insurance rates by zip code.

It ought not be necessary for me to spend much time in discussing the many dangers incident to opening in any state capitol such a pork-barrel as the Marx plan provides. I will, however, state a few of them.

As all victims would be paid regardless of fault, all that the claimant would have to do would be to file proof of the accident and show the extent of his injury. In most cases the evidence would be entirely within his control. The fraud possibilities of such a situation are tremendous. That political considerations would weigh heavily in the distribution of such a fund need hardly be argued.

An army of officers and investigators would be needed to check up every accident if the grossest kind of frauds on the part of claimants were to be avoided. And perhaps even more officials might be needed to check up some of the investigators. Unlike industrial accidents, automobile accidents are widely scattered and often occur in out of the way places. Imagine how many state job holders it would require to make proper inquiry into every highway accident that occurred in Ohio this year!

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