Would compulsory auto insurance help?

I have not overdrawn this picture. Here is a locality where insurance would seem to be required. Outside of the fact that in such places it is hard to secure convictions, would insurance solve the problem? If anything, it would likely aggravate it. Individual moral responsibility would be deadened. Find low cost vehicle insurance on our site.

Second, picture a state in which there is a strict driver’s license law and a record kept of accidents. All the cities in that state have similar traffic laws. The roads are wide, bad curves eliminated, and intersections well signed. Drivers who constantly break the-law are forbidden to drive for stipulated periods. Firms who employ reckless drivers are called to account. If a motorist injures a pedestrian, and is found guilty and does not pay damages, he is forbidden the use of his car until the amount due is paid, irrespective of further punishment. Lists of motorists whose licenses have been revoked are regularly published. An adequate state highway police force is on the alert. Fearless courts do their duty.

Would compulsory insurance help to create such a healthy condition? Not at all. You may say, “Why not have both ? ” One answer is that the first condition helps everybody and is a contribution to national safety while insurance alone assists an individual and does not better the conditions that caused the accident,

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