A demand for compulsory insurance may sometimes do more harm than good.

The problem that really confronts is one of safety. We want fewer accidents and fewer deaths. It is no answer to our problem for our lawmakers to say, “Let’s pay cash for every accident.”

The humanitarian motives which prompt a demand for compulsory insurance may sometimes do more harm than good. Witness the unemployment doles of England.

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From a close study of the situation in all parts of the United States, I have come to the belief that the justifiable irritation of the American public over this situation springs from the fact that so little is done in a majority of cases to penalize the motorist who causes the accident. Drunken, reckless or incompetent—he too often pays a cash fine and continues his drunken, reckless or incompetent motoring habits. He should be banished from the highways!

The public that has but little confidence that laws will be enforced and penalties imposed, says in disgust, “Let the injured get something out of it.”

And so with this back-hand gesture an already overtaxed population may, because of an indifference to consequences or lack of understanding, suddenly awaken to the fact that a new burdensome tax is levied, and that an additional billion dollars a year is being spent without a nickel of that amount being used to wipe out the hazards that cause automobile injuries and deaths.

As a motorist, I want to see stricter supervision of traffic. I want to see present laws enforced and an adequate traffic force to do the work.

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