Liability auto insurance – how it works

Such indefiniteness is an old trick in polemics. It evades the objections that would lie against anything definite. It cannot be met by presenting the objections to the law, since it advocates equally other forms of compulsory liability insurance. Have questions about your car insurance coverage? Check out our Insurance Answers section.

It cannot be met by presenting the objections to compensation regardless of fault for automobile accidents, to the exclusion of liability for full damages where there’ is fault, since it also presents arguments for a plan of compensation that would not be exclusive of liability for fault. All that is practicable in the face of such argumentation is to point out that it is tricky and deceptive, reflecting discredit upon the cause it is designed to promote.

Let me set forth in two brief paragraphs two contrasting situations in which you might find yourself.
We draw our best morals from personal experiences anyway. First, you can live in communities where no driver’s license. is required, where there is no inspection made of your driving ability or accident record, or a record kept of a motorist’s infractions of law. No one is legally prevented from driving a motor car at any time, unless physically incapacitated or in jail. Speed limits are not enforced. There is no such thing as highway police. “Justice” is meted Out usually by highway judges who are plain grafters in many instances.

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