What you need to know about mandatory auto insurance

This would leave $4,500,000. At least 50 per cent of the latter amount, or $2,250,000, would have to be taken to make any appreciable effect in reducing the new rates for 1929. Apply such an amount and the new rates for 1929 might be reduced 12 per cent, or something like six dollars for the W and X cars in territory one. However, this would leave but $2,000,000 to meet claims aggregating $6,000,000, and would necessitate the assumption that two-thirds of the unpaid claims are fictitious, or need not be paid, which is a result which would be welcome to the insurance companies to be sure, but appears hardly reasonable. Car insurance quotes comparison is now easy – type in your zip code to get a quote.

The state of State did an unwise thing three years ago when it enacted a compulsory automobile liability insurance act. It has now become involved in a very unsavory and entangling muddle as a result of that action. The same interests which so misguided the commonwealth at the outset are now more active than ever and, if allowed to have their way, will involve the state still further.

Poor judgment, lack of intelligence and complete ignorance of the problem at hand are the characteristics of those who appear to be seeking to lead the commonwealth at this time. Mistakes have been piled upon mistakes, politics have been allowed to sway the better judgments of many, minor corruptions have entered into the situation, until now we have something on our hands which calls for the most thoughtful study and consideration of the keenest minds, else we will make State the butt of ridicule throughout the nation.

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